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The Diminuendo of Amusement | Bismarck State College

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The Diminuendo of Amusement

Dumbledore.jpgThe past two weeks or so have been a gradual decrease in the travel adventures; adventures are still happening, they are just happening in a different way than before. In this coming week I have 2 large essays due, in two different classes: history and biological and cognitive psychology. Both of these essays compose 50% of my final grade. In two weeks, for my history module, I have another essay due, which will compose the other half of my grade. Also later this week, in the ecology module, I have a research-based poster due on comparing the ecological footprints around the world and discussing what my home country can do to decrease it. Three weeks following this, just a few days before I leave, I have a few comprehensive finals and a presentation due. Also, I have a fridge to get rid of before I leave in exactly three weeks. Needless to say, the pressure is on.

I am not writing this as a complaint: this is not the first time I have had finals, or that the finals have composed most of my grade. I was completely aware of these un-pleasantries when I signed up, but I am stating this as an alibi as to why my travel and adventures have decreased.Rita.jpg However, as previously stated, the adventures have not ended; they started happening in a closer proximity. Contraire to the adventure, travel themed fun that have stolen young people's hearts in books, movies, and T.V. shows, one needn't go far to have an adventure. For example, two weeks ago, I went out for a night on the town, here in Ormskirk. I have lived here for nearly three months and had not tasted the adventures of this nightlife. Usually, though, almost no matter where one goes, nightlife is typically the same: bars, loud music, bright lights, black lights, dancing, fending off middle aged men one does not wish to dance with because one is out to have fun with her friends and not be creeped on by men older than her father, and surprisingly often, karaoke.

This past weekend, however, a few friends and I did something a little different. We went out, for the first time, in Liverpool. However, it was not just an adventure of hitting up a few bars with bright lights, dancing, etc., but it was a pub crawl: A Harry Potter themed pub crawl. When we entered the Voldemort.jpgmeeting place bar (it was a lively, Australian place called Walkabout), we were already embarrassed to take apart in something so...geeky! We actually had a lot of fun, and we were probably the least involved people there. There were so many people in costumes, and I only got pictures with a few! There were several Dumbledores, Golden Snitches, Dobbys, Bellatrix Lestranges, and even a Voldemort. It was great! We went to 7 different pubs, one for each books, dancing, singing, laughing, and making friends with strangers who appreciated the same childhood wonder as us.

I said it once, but I will say it again: one needn't go far to have an adventure.

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