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There is so much to do

There is so much to do, and so little time to do it.

There are only seven days before I leave. I still have to make nuisance phone calls, organize bank things here and there, schedule in last minute appointments, and have lunch/coffee dates with everyone that I am going to miss.

PhototakenlastwinteronwalkingpathinSertomaPark.JPGIt would have been just too simple for them to not wait until the very last minute to hang out, but I suppose that is just how it happens. When in situations like this, everyone wants to see the person who is leaving "one last time." Your coworkers will tease: "pack me in your suitcase!" and say things like "bring me a nice English girl!"

Someone I had not spoken to since high school invited me out for "one last coffee date." People I have not seen all summer ask me to hang out this week, of all weeks. People I consider hardly acquaintances have taken a sudden interest in me. Things such as this are only surface level; it is not wise to get caught up in them. I have too many things to do that hold priority, and after all, I am not doing this for them. Other than missing the friends, family, and coworkers, studying abroad has very little to do with them.

Studying abroad is about the experiences I will gain, and the things I will learn from them, and the academics. It is about doing something I have always wanted to do. More importantly, it is about the things I have not yet figured out. It is about the unknown; the limitless veins of uncertainties and adventures that branch out from every possible choice I make, route I take, and the life they will lead me to.

This love for every potential not yet explored is what keeps we pushing through every nuisance phone call, every travel detail, every piece of paper work, every moment of research required (travel credit cards, medical release forms, power of attorney, living wills, travel insurance, the list could go on forever, really).

I should also probably start packing...

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