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THE HUB Study Club

Thi2ndIvyphotoforNov1.jpgs is no typical weekend night: it is the weekend to precede reading week, which is a fall break that is meant to be time off for students to work hard on their mid-term projects that are not due until the end of November. For international students, it is not considered an in-depth study time, but rather, a week to travel. During the break, some friends and I are going to Amsterdam and Vienna or Brussels; however, we all still have homework/studying to do. None of us wants to add books to the limited weight that we will be carrying on our backs, so we are trying to finish before we go. While other students are having lots of Halloween-themed fun, here we are, in THE HUB, cramming. Therefore, we are THE HUB Study Club (I know it is dorky, but I was not even the one to come up with the name! Really, I promise I'm not that corny.) THE HUB Study Club consists of some of the people with whom I traveled to Edinburgh and London, or as I like to call them, my Edin-bros (okay, maybe I am kind of corny).

It is times like this where I really miss the American education system, even though just a few weeks ago I wrote about how much better this one is. Here, there is almost no homeIvyphotoforNov1.jpgwork, just one big project for each class, and a final at the end of the semester. I miss the regular homework and the regular tests because they kept me in check, that way I was sure I understood everything before it was final time.

Here, however, we do most of our learning on our own, and we have to study for short final tests that could contain any selection of the previous information we learned. We are also told we should be doing reading outside of our textbooks, and we are given a list of reading materials to choose from, but we are not told which books will discuss the information on which we will be tested. Needless to say, it is a little bit stressful, but we will have to manage.

But we are in no position to complain. I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people in the world, not just because I get to see this world, but because I get to see it with these goons. I am lucky because I have the study club, and I am lucky because after this, we are going to reward ourselves with rum and coke ice cream floats.

It is great to be legal.

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