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How do I view my transfer credit once evaluated by BSC? | Bismarck State College

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How do I view my transfer credit once evaluated by BSC?

Upon acceptance, official transcripts for degree seeking students are evaluated by the Academic Records Office. This process may take up to ten business days. Once officially evaluated and posted, you will be able to view your transfer credit online through CampusConnection. 

View Transfer Credit

  • Run Unofficial Transcript:
  • Run Academic Advisement Report:
    • Shows how your courses will apply to the program/degree active in CampusConnection.
Have more question on how your transfer credits apply to your program?
-Contact your assigned academic advisor or the Mystic Advising and Counseling Center at 701-224-5752 or

Student Policy-Repeating a Course is applicable to transfer credit if the course is deemed equivalent to a Bismarck State College course.
The grade earned during the last enrollment will be used in calculating grade point averages and degree requirements, even if that grade is lower.

Decoding Your Evaluation
Transfer courses that do not have a direct BSC equivalent may be brought in as a generic general education or elective credit.

Academic Forgiveness
The BSC Student Policy – Academic Forgiveness only applies to BSC courses.   Students must contact transfer institutions to determine if eligible for academic forgiveness from that institution.
Academic Standing of Academic Warning, Probation and Suspension applies to all first year, new transfer or continuing students.   Transfer credits may affect you academic standing.  If after your first semester attending BSC your cumulative GPA (BSC credit + Transfer credit) is under a 2.00 you will be placed on an Academic Warning.  More information on Academic Standing.